Learn to Jump Rope like a Boxer with Basic Skips

Learn to Jump Rope like a Boxer with Basic Skips

2 Meal Planning Ingredients For Success- ANTICIPATION and PREPARATION!

Preparation and anticipation of your meals is the key ingredient to healthy eating success! Two mealtimes (feedings) which always stand out to me as extra special and difficult for many to prioritize and remain disciplined by are breakfast and dinner.

Manual Labor Jobs, Boxing And Combat Sports Training Sample Workout Routine

** All training programs should only be implemented under the close supervision of an experienced performance coach. The intention of the attached training template is only to demonstrate an example workout plan for weeks 1-4 of a training block for a healthy combat athlete who is 16 to 18 weeks out from a 4 to 6 round fight. Each subsequent training block will provide more fight specific activities and less general exercise as the competition nears (You will notice in this plan that the reps, sets and sparring volume fluctuate weekly to allow for recovery). No training program is set in stone due to the constant daily fluctuation of the human organism. Training programs must always be individualized and constant adjustments are necessary to satisfy the specific needs and safety of the participating athlete!

Fat Loss Framework

Hey Everybody –

For the next 3 weeks, I’ll be doing a mini-series for you on how to approach fat loss. My goal is to help you prioritize your time and focus on the things that really move the needle.

Quality Time Alone

So much emphasis today is placed on coaching. There’s a coach for this and a coach for that. There are hitting coaches, strength coaches, and life coaches. You’re coached up and coached down. Did you ever think about the ME coach? I’m talking about the coach that monitors your every move. This is the coach that knows how you feel every changing minute, the one you see in the mirror. The one you don’t have to pay an hourly rate.

Rhythm is a Jump Rope

Jump rope training is most commonly recognized as a premiere training tool which accompanies every boxer’s training regime.  Rope jumping has its roots traced back to the early 1600 AD era in the Middle East and China.  The Dutch culture had used various methods of rope skipping as a form of exercise and play. 

What you do anywhere today affects you everywhere tomorrow

As it pertains to physical training, it’s your workload, rest and recovery methods, or lack thereof. It has much to do with meal planning, selection of energy sources and timing of the feedings. The choice of exercises, weights, sets, repetitions and volume etc. all have an astonishing affect on your personal goals and their outcomes. 

Stepping Away from the Comfort Zone

Many of us have at least one place in our daily lives we can go, which gives us a sense of temporary contentment. Most of us have naturally become creatures of habit in many respects due to the fact that we are products of human nature, and because of this we yearn for predictable outcomes which provide a sense of security within our existence.