Hey Everybody –

Week 2 of my Fat Loss Framework and we’re talking about diet.

Before I jump in, let me clarify something. When I say ‘diet’ I’m referring to the kind of foods people habitually eat (think noun not verb) not a regimen of eating sparingly.

In we jump…

When it comes to nutrition and diet, similar to training, there is no silver bullet. The key principles are, in theory, pretty basic but in practice quite difficult:
Limited refined sugars, flours and grains
Stay hydrated and don’t drink your calories
Eat lots of veggies, and a few fruits
Lean, clean protein

I put ‘etc.’ because almost everyone knows these things. It’s not rocket science. Meat lovers pizza or salmon with greens?

Everyone is always looking for the ‘secret’ though. I get it.

Your diet is significantly MORE important than your training if you’re looking to shed fat.

Here is what I want you to do:

If you workout 4x a week, substitute 2 of your training sessions for food shopping and prep. Don’t worry about missing the two training sessions, having a dialed in diet will more than compensate for it.

The number one reason people make poor food choices is because of the convenience factor.

That is it. There is your secret – Make healthy, per-portioned meals ahead of time. You’ll never have the excuse “I’m just going to run to Chipotle, I don’t feel like cooking’.

When you’re designed your menu for the week keep it simple and flavorful. There are TONS of recipe ideas all over the net.

So throw on the apron, and channel your inner chef!



P.S. Try not to get consumed with diets that restrict you from eating certain food groups. In the short run they may work, but they typically are not sustainable for the long run.

P.P.S If you’re struggling with getting your diet on track, Mac Online may be what you need. If you’re interested in meal plans designed by yours truly, shoot me an email!

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