Hey Everybody,

If you haven’t seen my last couple emails on my fat loss framework, here’s the 10 second summary:

If you want to lose fat, keep it simple and focus on three things…in this order:
Today I’m going to touch on numero uno, commitment.

Seems obvious right? If you’re not committed to your goal, you won’t reach it. Duh!

But this is the MOST overlooked step. I can’t emphasis ‘most’ enough.

You could have the most dialed in training and nutrition plan designed for you, but if you are not willing to show up and commit to the program in the gym and kitchen then it’s all for naught.

The key to helping yourself commit to a program is to make gradual changes. Crawl before you walk type stuff.

Here’s what it looks like:

Before you do anything, find an accountability partner. This could be a spouse, family member, friend, trainer (shameless self plug!) or co-worker. Make it known to this person what your specific goal is and ask them to check in with you once a week to ask about your progress. This works even better if the other person is also looking to make a change!

Week 1-2
Pick one bad eating habit (drinking sugary drinks, eating fast food, eating processed foods, etc.) and CUT IT OUT.

Week 2-4
Find a meal plan that works for you, and pick two days a week to shop and prep your food.

Week 4-6
Begin to implement your training program. Keep it at two days a week. This should still allow enough time to shop and prep your food.

Week 6-8
Pick a second bad eating habit and give it the boot! You can also add a third or fourth day of training to the mix. If you find your life revolving around the gym, nix one of the workouts for the week.

Side note – Pick one day a week as your cheat day.

That’s it folks.

Best of luck in your journey.