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Joe - PTLet me teach you the fundamentals of boxing and/or fitness so that achieving your goals can become more realistic. I am a coach of physical preparation. I am not just a former athlete that only uses one template which worked for me. I realize we are not all created the same. Our abilities and fitness levels are different. Therefore, we are not all taught by the same approach. Coaching under unique circumstances is what makes a coach a better coach. I am a believer in education that begins with the basic fundamentals. Because without this foundation, nothing can become concrete! Everything should be taught through small progressions and the basic fundamentals of all things learned should frequently be revisited regardless of skill level. Most of us have not reached the ceiling of our true physical and emotional potential. It is my duty as a coach to guide you through a path that safely supports your success in a most timely manner.


Whether you want boxing advice for competitive boxing or fitness boxing we can accommodate. Either way, you will learn sound boxing techniques and fundamentals for a guaranteed great workout accompanied with an increase in physical and emotional output.

If what you are looking for has nothing to do with boxing and everything to do with general fitness, strength training, flexibility, fat loss, power, speed, agility training, building confidence etc., I got your back!

If you are looking for a hybrid version, which is a combination of boxing training and strength training for example, I got you covered! We can develop any kind of training plan that you want and that’s what makes this program unique! I have the ability to adjust, adapt and accommodate a training program designed specifically for you and your individual circumstances.

But, I need to get to know you first. I need you to give me ALL details regarding, not only your present goals, but things like eating and sleeping habits and your physical health and any acquired ailments. Your past and present training experience, work and workout schedule is very useful to me.  What are your personality strengths and weaknesses.  You know yourself best!   The more I know about your day to day living routine, the more effective your training plan will become. This can be done via email or in person.

Your skills are the result of your drills!

Strength, balance, footwork, reaction and reactive ability along with hand and foot coordination are all components that directly relate to speed. The boxing drills and other training modalities that I use on a daily basis address and enhance these critical components. Remember! Everything I do is incorporated through progressions. I never give a client more than they can physically and psychologically grasp, but at times must finely test those limits.   As your skill level increases, so will your drills. Whether you are a beginner or have achieved an elite level of skill we have specific exercises to enhance your performance.


Joe - PT3A personalized training plan is essential for fulfilling the need requirements of not only your immediate, but long term health and training goals. A well guided plan gets you to your fitness destination much quicker and safer than a “one size fits all” training approach.   Humans are unique beings and although our basic functions are similar at the cellular level, we are very different from a genetic stand point. Many of us do not even realize some of our own capabilities and limitations because we lack the testing knowledge and the necessary instructions to help us achieve our goals. A good training plan is a plan that is continually adapting to your present fitness level. A training plan may, at times, need a daily adjustment and is never truly “set in stone”. It should be filled with variety and should challenge you and be both proactive and at times reactive. Your training plan should not set you up for premature plateaus and other unwanted results like overuse injuries. A good training plan understands your goals and incorporates and balances the many layers on top of a well established foundation. Physical training is a PROCESS. It takes an entire dedication by you, the student to achieve the most success. The training plan is only as effective as the effort put forth on your part!


Joe - PT5  Both sports I chose for competition offered unique bioenergenic system requirements (one highly aerobic and the other alactic-anaerobic in nature).  Because I “shifted” back and forth between these two sports for a period of time, I had to understand each sports specific energy demand in order to prepare for competition.  This experience alone has enhanced my ability to prepare long-term training plans for my clients.

As a national level competitive powerlifter I became very familiar with the wide variety of strength attributes that are necessary to successfully compete at a high level. Most of us look at strength as one broad term, when in fact strength has a multitude of functions and qualities which become very specific as it relates to athletic performance.

I competed for over 20 years in both martial arts and as an amateur and professional boxer with my final match coming at the age of 40 years. My training has taught me how to acclimate to the emotional stresses that accompany the physical rigors of competition.

My experience with these sports and a present career of almost 20 years as a gym owner and physical preparation coach has given me the instincts that I need to guide my clients toward their own fitness goals. I have been blessed to work with world-renowned coaches and train athletes from a variety of sports at the amateur and professional levels. I have been fortunate to guide the training plans of special populations like the deaf, blind, paraplegic, and participate in the post physical rehabilitation process for many individuals including stroke victim survivors.



$75 – $150

  • $75- individual training session
  • $150 – individual training session and 3 month individualized training plan

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  • 4 personal training sessions
  • 3 month personalized training plan
  • 3 months of support

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  • 10 personal training sessions
  • 6 month personal training plan
  • 6 months of support

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  • 20 personal training sessions
  • 1 year training plan
  • 1 year support

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