Eric Tangradi

“As a professional hockey player incorporating boxing in my training was a tremendous benefit for me during the season. Joe’s attention to detail, techniques, and training exercises gave me the confidence to play a more aggressive game also while improving my balance on the ice. I highly recommend and look forward to working with Joe in the future! “

Aaron Smith

I have played sports my entire life (basketball and football). All the way up to playing defensive end for the Pittsburgh Steelers for 13 years.  That being said I have tried and trained in a multitude of ways. Boxing with Joe was one of the best I have ever done. The cardio is unbelievable. Every session is challenging, and builds upon its self at a pace that you can handle.  It builds great confidence in ones self. But what is best, is the instruction. Joe is always positive, and very upbeat. He finds a way to motivate you on days when you not feeling up to the challenge. He really helps you get the most out of you. I look always look forward to working with him the next session.

John S., Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach Div. I Men’s Basketball

I had the opportunity to work with Joe Divosevic when I was a strength and conditioning coach at the University of Pittsburgh.  Joe’s educational and competitive background as a boxer and power lifter make him an invaluable coach.  Joe’s athletes are always highly conditioned, strong, powerful and resilient to injuries. Joe’s passion for coaching and exemplary work ethic greatly contribute to his success as a coach.

Todd, Div. I Head Strength Coach

We began using Joe to work with many of our Division 1 athletes a few years ago and he not only helped improve our athletes but he made a positive impact with the students as people. I cannot express how grateful we are to Joe for the work he did with us.

Paul Posluszny, Jacksonville Jaguars

Every professional athlete is constantly searching for a competitive advantage.  Training with and learning from Joe Divosevic will help provide that edge. The physical training and boxing sessions I have completed with Joe have made a direct, positive impact on my NFL career. Through personal boxing instruction with Joe, we were able to improve my agility, footwork, hand speed, and overall level of conditioning, all while training in a fun and highly competitive atmosphere. Joe was able to specifically design workouts to impact my desired areas of improvement, and his instruction in the boxing ring transferred right to the football field. Having never trained in a boxing environment, I was hesitant when we first started our workouts.  However, Joe was the perfect coach for my situation. His vast knowledge of physical training and boxing was obvious from the beginning as he patiently taught me the fundamentals of hitting the heavy bag, speed bag, and moving in the ring. Our sessions were a great combination of learning proper technique and fundamentals while engaging in a strenuous, highly productive workout.  Training with Joe was an absolutely great experience and highly beneficial for my career.